"Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. "
Frank Gehry

Our service

Architecture is defined as the union between art and technique, allowing to design, build and rehabilitate a building, space or home in its entirety. To this extent, architectural intervention assumes a fundamental part. It is in the recognition of this usefulness that Carlos Carvalho Decoradores coordinates and develops projects. The studio consists of a variety of professionals, including architects, who guarantee effective interventions.
We provide design services, management and monitoring of works, licensing, exterior landscaping, rehabilitation of built heritage and, finally, measurements, surveys and budgets. We guide our services to serve the customer and their needs well, thus producing an architectural project with high technical quality.

As a studio, the architecture is developed according to the company’s basic principles: each project is unique and must reflect the individuality of each client. To this end, CRC establishes close relationships, from which customers are invited to participate in the development of solutions that become formally and functionally adapted to their image.

Carlos Carvalho Decoradores assumes itself as a partner throughout the construction process, from the beginning of the architectural project to the installation of the last piece of furniture. Our objective is to make this process clear and accessible to our customers, promoting maximum readability of the proposed solutions and maximum transparency of procedures.

With the personal stamp of CRC!

Our process

Inquire about our customer’s style, preferences, needs and expectations.

Collect information on the volumetry of the space, possible deficiencies, ventilation, thermal, acoustic, and general conditions of the building’s conservation status

Decisive phase that involves outlining a concept, selecting references, and creating an architectural project

Direct intervention through work with a construction profile, expansion and/or rehabilitation

Project validation and final rectifications

3D service

Carlos Carvalho Decoradores offers a complete service in terms of interior architecture, by considering a multiplicity of approaches and intervention proposals, through personalized advice. One of these services is based on the digital representation of a concept in a realistic graphic style, more specifically three-dimensionality.

The approach falls on the commercial and residential aspects, from a software that highlights the potential of your space when making a decision! Idealize, simulate, and materialize fully summarizes the concept of all our 3D projections.

Do you want to develop a project with a 3D component? The CRC team is at your disposal to present the package of services that best suits your space and your needs.

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Carlos Carvalho Decoradores team is at your entire disposal to present the services that best suits your space and your needs.

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