Home decoration is a challenge that clients provide us, which makes us grow as a company.
Carlos Carvalho

What we do in the context of interior design

We provide isolated solutions or turnkey products, which can include architectural work (structures), design work (functionality), decoration work (esthetic), and also furniture and product design (exclusivity).

Starting from a careful analysis of the area, Carlos Carvalho Decoradores begins the research process, planning with a schedule, and design of the environment, always complying with the initial briefing from the client.


Demolition and construction

Demolition, structuring and building of walls, as well as their coating materials, are the most important of starting the concept.

The style that the work reveals and all its architectural procedures will always fill the house with personality.



Materials we use

We are a company specialized in architectural work. We work with various materials in terms of construction and finishing, such as:

Woods, ceramics, carpets, tiles, among others.

Structural materials, like cement, mortar, steel and brick.

We do technical installations (electrical, energy, sanitation) whether at a hotel, residential or commercial level.

Our focus is to give our clients a finished project, which they can follow from beginning to end.