Furniture restoration and upholstery

CRC Decoradores is a specialist in furniture restoration, both antique and modern, of the most varied styles and materials, guaranteeing an elegant and refined work, with attention to detail.

When restoring pieces, it is necessary to rebuild missing parts or replace handles, hinges, screws and upholstery, so that we end up with a perfect and suitable result.

The restoration of used furniture, old and modern, is always carried out in our workshops by professionals who use the best methods to create solutions that meet the goal, taste and memories of the client.

Chair stuffing

Using straw in chairs is a classic in Portugal, and is very suitable and adaptable to today’s trends. With great durability, and being a natural and sustainable product, it makes for perfect and lasting repair.

A service that Carlos Carvalho Decoradores has been offering since the day it was founded.



Furniture making

In our factory, we make furniture, such as chairs, sofas, benches, tables, sideboards, and all types of items for your home.

One of the benefits of using our services is that we can make unique pieces, with the material, fabric and finishing the client desires.