The importance of details in decoration

Carlos Carvalho Decoradores believes that details are one of the most differentiating factors in the decoration of a space. Through them we can transform four walls.

Pieces like framed family pictures, a figurine matching the room’s style, our favorite books, even Holiday decorations, as well as the objects that have been with us throughout our lives, make our life more comfortable.

There are the details that distinguish our home, and that is where a decorator makes the difference.
Helena, interior designer

Shapes. Weaves. Textures.

Colors, textures and the position of objects in a house are extremely important for the harmony of a space.

What good is a nice dining chair if the table does not fit into the space, what good is a great sofa if the carpet under it is uncomfortable?

It is important to define the place of each object in the space, to combine the colors, and to enjoy the greatest comfort that home can bring us.