Decoration of the gym E-FIT Isabel Silva

During Isabel Silva’s visit to Carlos Carvalho Decoradores, we developed a project to decorate her future gym.

It was with our help that a simple gym became a comfortable space, almost like a home, from where we do not want to leave, and where all the love and affection that Isabel had for the space was displayed.

We managed to complete the objective and create a concept that was in line with Isabel’s ideas. Nowadays, it is clear to every member that it is a successful gym.



25 years of CRC

Carlos Carvalho Decoradores turns 25.

A party full of joy, music and friends.It is in these gatherings that all the stories, adventures and joys we spent together are remembered.

Day after day, we evolve and create new bonds.


PME Líder 2018 award

A symbol of excellence that distinguishes the merits of Carlos Carvalho Decoradores.

This prize is awarded in partnership with Turismo de Portugal, a group of partner banks, and Sociedades de Garantia Mútua (mutual guarantee societies), and is based on the most important financial and economic indicators.

Our special thanks to Bankinter’s branch manager Pedro Costa and account manager Sónia Andrade.