sala moradia integrada no Pine Cliffs, Albufeira

House Villa

The concept was based on the merge between a classic and a contemporary style, through a balance between pieces, textures, and colors.

The choice of earthly tones and sophisticated textiles, inspired by the Algarve region, was imperative.

There’s a diversity of materials such as oak, linen, ceramics, nautical rope, natural fabrics, amongst others.  

Faced with all these choices, the proposal was based on the creation of a space of comfort and conviviality.

hall moderno e contemporâneo integrada no Pine Cliffs, Albufeira

Hall and Exterior

All divisions were enhanced by outstanding pieces in terms of lighting, upholstery, woodwork and/or decoration.

The ethereal and light design of the ceiling lamp complement the hall area, harmonizing the architectural grandeur of the ceiling and skylight. The highlight choice is a suspended ceiling lamp, entitled Illan, by designer Zsuzsanna Horvath.

Outside, there are different areas, namely the barbecue, lounge, swimming pool and jacuzzi, elevated by nautical- style furniture, natural plants, flooring and ceramic pots, lights spots and a bioethanol fireplace.

suite moradia integrada no Pine Cliffs, Albufeira


In the suites, the emphasis goes to the straight and simple handles that were covered with the same fabric as the headboards.

In the master suite, the slatted panel stands out, which appeals to the privacy, rest, and well-being of the owners, creating a striking and coherent partition.

In terms of functionality, the cabinets of each suite were designed according to the expected occupancy of each room, anticipating possible needs and preferences. Even so, uniformity and aesthetic harmonization was maintained among all suites.

canto moradia integrada no Pine Cliffs, Albufeira

Each division followed its own theme, especially in terms of the color scheme and selected materials.


All spaces were carefully designed to serve a purpose, functionality, or requirement.


Take as an example this little corner in the master suite. From a makeup station to an office, the presented solution serves multiple functions.

espaço de arrumação moradia integrada no Pine Cliffs, Albufeira

Total creative freedom was given throughout the entire process.


This was fundamental to affirm the identity of the designers, as authors of the interior design project in all its essence.


Given the challenge that the property represented due to its dimensions, requirements and expectations, there was an expressed desire to satisfy the owners.


The final result fully conveyed the feeling of accomplishment.



*Photographs by Carlos Vieira, provided by Pine Cliffs Resort.

moradia integrada no Pine Cliffs Albufeira, no Algarve.