Carlos Carvalho, CEO

“Classic environments, by nature more factual and thoughtful, marked the beginning of my career in the 1980s, with a clear influence from the masters Lucien Donnat and Pedro Leitão, with whom I collaborated in the remodeling of the Hotel Lapa Palace.

Although this aesthetic heritage is still present in my signature, my decorating style is not static and has always been a reflection of the way I interpret trends and how I experience new techniques.”

in Carlos Carvalho Decoradores, Edição Chiado Editores, November 2018

To this background he then added two courses in decoration, one in Madrid and another at the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation, in Lisbon. Nowadays he is someone who knows his craft in depth.

Sticking to his path, he gained decisive knowledge to build a solid business, which is already 25 years old and employs more than 30 people, based on three foundations: design, production and marketing. Offering an integrated service.

Let me present you our studio.

Our production facility

Sensitivity is not something you can learn at school.

It exists naturally in people and, combined with experience, can be very useful to those who know how to take advantage of it. Carlos Carvalho has this ability to create environments, where he experiments with his aesthetic concepts.

The best traditions are those inherited from father to son.

Carlos Carvalho received the knowledge of the objects that fill our homes from his father. He learned how to upholster a sofa, to know the different types of timber and other materials. And he passes on that knowledge to a production team of 30 people.


Our mission

The greatest gratification of our work, especially in homes and hotels, is when the result is presented to the client and they are surprised. It means that we exceeded their expectations. It is, without a doubt, a truly magical moment!

And magic only happens because, as Ricardo Reis said, in all challenges ´I put everything I am into every little thing I do’, a motto our team of professionals follow daily.

The story starts here.